Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Local Summer: Week 6

Two variations on the same dinner. The purple plate (mine) has BBQ tri-tip with a wedge of bleu cheese in the middle. Kerry decided to have some of homemade BBQ sauce I made yesterday on his tri-tip.

Had to use up potatoes and turnips so made turnip mashed potatoes. Love them. Salad has fresh figs and yellow tomatoes with a olive oil and vinegar dressing that included sun-dried tomatoes.

The only thing that wasn't local was the vinegar in the dressing and the spices in the BBQ sauce.

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Creamy Silver said...

Not a fan of turnips but I'd give your mashed potatoes a shot.

Love the purple plate!

Rhonda said...

oh yummy yummy yummy!
We are so on the same page with food. :)