Friday, July 17, 2009

Harleen And Her Sleepover Buddy Chelan

The pose I captured (after many out of focus tries) pretty much characterizes what they have done today. Periodically they separate and rest but that doesn't last long.

Chelan is three months younger than year-old Harleen, but she is used to living in a multiple dog household. It's like watching a dog reality show with the crashes and barks.

One thing we learned; white dogs shed on black dogs. I have no black fur on me. Chelan will be here until Monday. Should be an interesting weekend.

The cats have kept a very low profile. It's 106 outside and two killer dogs inside so they choose to stay away from it all. Smart move on their part. We have 10 more days of 100+ temperatures. July is the cruelest month of all in northern California.

Leftover quiche tonight.
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Rondi said...

It will be in the 50s tonight in Chicago!

blogauthor said...

This is our house everyday, lol!