Thursday, July 09, 2009

On My Design Wall

This is the sixth block for my Baltimore Album Quilt which will have a total of 12 blocks. The color scheme for this was to have darker colors at the bottom and lighter shades on top but all colors had to have the same value. The idea was to try to hide the birds. Well when you give them eyes and beaks, it's pretty hard to hide them.

I'm leaving for the sewing machine store in a minute. I need to get a foot so I can do cording for a fabric art quilt class I'm taking. I think I've been trending away from big quilts to the fabric art quilt for a while now. The woman who teaches the class is Rose Hughes. You can see some of her spectacular work at

The book on the left on her home page is the basis for the class. I can hardly wait. Meanwhile I'm going to work on my free-motion quilting skills, which right now are nil. I took a class and then never did anything with it. Time to free up my spirit and my hands at my machine.
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Roshi Doshi said...

That is soooo beautiful!