Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Dog Family Reunion

They are having a great time. Kerry bought them some new toys today; they destroyed three of them in record time. They mostly just growl at each other, bare their teeth and chase each other around. Rarely does either of them come in contact with the other.

Harry's head is much bigger than Harleen's; we don't think he's any smarter, however. He's wearing the red collar.

They spend a lot of time sniffing each other's butts. Both are intact so they sort of think they know what to do. Harleen has not gone into heat so every time he tries to mount her, she sits down. Sometimes he mounts the wrong end.

Harry will be here for two weeks. Lia, his puppy raiser, is whelping her first dog for CCI. Darlan is going to have seven, maybe eight, puppies tomorrow. When they are a couple of weeks old it will be easier for Lia to have rambunctious Harry at home.
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gypsy said...

Harry looks every bit the scalawag! Harleen is feminine and prettier. Too bad there's nothing going on at your house these days!