Sunday, July 05, 2009

One Local Summer: Week 5

This was our Fourth of July dinner. The green beans and beef ribs were local but the dozen or so spices that I put in the dry rub for the ribs and the green beans were from all over the world.

I marinated the beef ribs in the dry rub for about 6 hours in a Ziploc bag. The rub consisted of sugar, paprika, salt, cayenne pepper, salt, celery salt, onion power, chili powder, cumin, black pepper and mustard powder.

I covered the ribs and baked them for about 3 hours at 250 degrees; the meat literally fell of the bone.

I've made the green bean recipe before but with the traditional long chinese green bean. We had a lot of regular green beans in our CSA box; they worked just fine. Lots of Chinese spices make the green beans delicious. You cook the beans in peanut oil first until they are nearly burned. Take the beans out of the wok, cook the sauce quickly and then add the beans back in. We both cleaned our plates.
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