Saturday, January 03, 2009

We Are Back From Cruise Heaven...

But our pet sitter never showed up while we were gone. We did find out that our cats can survive seven days without assistance. I had left them a ton of food and water (maybe I knew something); we have one of those automatic litter boxes. Our fist clue was when we opened our mailbox at the road; it was jammed with stuff. We both looked at each other. I was prepared for dead cats; then I was going to do bodily harm to our pet sitter, who is an eagle scout by the way. He's taken care of them before without a problem.

The cats dashed out the front door when we opened it. They pranced right back in when they realized it was us. There was still a tiny bit of food in their dish and lots of water. The litter box was really full. Right now they are draped over Kerry while he watches a football game. A lot of draping will probably go on for the next few days.

I have not called the young man yet. I'm not sure what I will say...well, I'll probably yell a lot.

We had a great time on the cruise. Photos to follow when we get organized. I never got off the ship. I knew I wasn't getting off in Puerta Vallarta and Mazatlan but had decided that Cabo was a good place to venture forth. Well, I got sick on New Year's Eve...a whopper of a cold so slept through most of the day we were in Cabo. Don't know how I managed to get sick. They had automatic "Purell" dispensers everywhere on the ship. I used them all the time and still got sick.

I really like being at sea. It lulls me to sleep. We had a Verandah room so could hear the sounds of the ocean as the ship moved. People watching on a cruise ship is extraordinary. Every body type you can think of.

More later. Mark and Julia arrive tomorrow for three days so I'm going to be busy plus still trying to get a nap in now and then. Kerry is going to Reno tomorrow to get Harleen. I can hardly wait to see her.

Hope all of you had a great end-of-the-year celebration. One nice thing about paying bills automatically, you don't have to worry about getting the new year right. The bank does it for you.

Oh, for those of you who remember my previous blog on phone companies, the CEO of AT&T has yet to show up.


Mrs4444 said...

OMGosh! I'm so glad the cats were okay. That boy should be stripped of his rank. Not really, but I hope you gave him an earful!

Creamy Silver said...

I cannot believe your pet sitter didn't show. Thank God you left extra food & water but I hate that the kitties had no socialization for an entire week. Do let us know how the confrontation goes.

Can't wait till you post cruise photos. Bob and I want to take a cruise so badly.

Danulai said...

I'm so glad your cats were okay! An experience like that will shake you up.

blogauthor said...

First, welcome back.

Second, THANK YOU!!!

Third, have you called him yet? OMG, I cannot imagine what he is going to say?!! Its good thing you left extra food.

Also, I know a few things about supartz too, let me know if you need info. I am a handy friend. :)

untapon .... weird word, just had to add it here.