Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Scandinavian/Irish Stomach

I made a soup last night for dinner. When I make soups I look through the refrigerator to see what I can find. There was a butternut squash (I love these things, but they are a pain to peel even with the new method I discovered thanks to Google), leeks, lots of garlic, Yukon potatoes, homemade vegetable stock and hot Italian sausage. Cooked it all in the crock pot. It smelled delicious and was yummy.

Kerry bought the sausage at Trader Joe's; he told me it wasn't that hot because he tasted it in the store. Well, at 1 a.m. I woke up with major heartburn. I keep tums in the my bedside table drawer for just such emergencies. So swallowed three and went back to sleep.

I have heard that your body can adjust to spicy foods; mine has not gotten that message. Too many of my ancestors ate boiled stuff with a pinch of salt; probably not even any pepper. So I take my Zantac; when necessary I throw in a couple of Tums.

On another food note, I saw today that the Obama family has hired a chef from Chicago to work with the existing chef to prepare the family's meals. The good thing about this chef is that he is a locavore who believes in eating what is in season.

I signed many petitions to get a non-corporate Secretary of Agriculture; didn't work. He's a corn guy from Iowa. But at least the First Family is going to eat healthy, locally grown foods. I hope they will serve as an example for others.

Not too late to search out a CSA (community supported agriculture) site in your area. Go to
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Rhonda said...

My stomach sounds very similar...although I'd love to say otherwise.
Spicy tastes so good...but hard on the tummy.