Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eating Locally Tonight

We are having scalloped potatoes with leeks and mushrooms and meatloaf. It's always interesting to Google images for meatloaf. I know there was a singer by that name; I have no idea who he is. These are not my images because everything is still in the oven.

The potatoes, leeks, and mushrooms are locally grown. The meat is from a nearby ranch. The ketchup is organic and the egg comes from a nearby farm called Blossom Hill. I added some ground cumin to make the meatloaf a little spicier.

Been a busy couple of days. Yesterday my quilting friend Deborah and I went on a fabric foray to Durham and Chico, CA. I dropped off one of my quilts (the one with the big applique in the middle) at the long arm quilter in Durham. It will probably be eight weeks. She 's good so she's busy.

Then we drove to Chico to have lunch at a new restaurant called Sin Cortez. Neither of us are really sure what the name means but the food was delicious. It's locally grown and for the most part organic. I had a pesto, Gruyere cheese quesadilla and she had the pear, ginger pancakes. They were really fluffly. We were both very happy and took home enough for another day. Stopped at a quilt shop and then Joann's Fabrics. Deborah had a 40% off coupon at Joann's; I wanted a larger cutting map plus some sewing machine needles. She graciously let me use her coupon. I love my new mat.

Today was puppy kindergarten. I actually hate this, but it's a necessary evil. It was hot (I'm sorry for you folks living in the deep freeze) and I got sunburned because I didn't know we would be in the sun for the whole hour at noon. Harleen has gone from a terror in class to a slug; trainers words not mine. Her evaluation is on Feb. 14th; that decides if she goes to basic or has to repeat kindergarten. I have a feeling she will move on. That will make us so happy. The basic class is on Thursday night at a local shopping center. No sun.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. For the first time in several years we are not having a party. Kerry intends on ordering a pizza; I intend on quilting all day. Our friends Steve and Janet plus their golden lab Zoey will be here on Monday. Kerry said we should have invited Steve and Janet a day early to watch the Super Bow. I reminded him that Steve hates sports. I don't care who wins but I hope your team does.
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Creamy Silver said...

MMMmm the potatoes sounds amazing. Your food talk always makes my stomach growl.

Meatloaf? He would do anything for love... but not that ;)

Just curious (no motive, just genuine curiosity) what kind of fabric is best for a quilt? If someone happened to see a fabric that seemed extra pretty and wanting to send it as a gift could any size piece do? What should it be made of?

dykewife said...

you don't remember 'paradise by the dashboard lights' or "bat out of hell"?

Kirby3131 said...

That sounds soooo goood. I bet the locally grown dinner was incredibly good.

blogauthor said...

Doesn't this look fabulous?!?!?

I'm going to make it soon.