Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No More Rooftops For Kerry And A Cruise Photo

The long and short of it is that no one was badly injured, but the potential was there. He had mentioned going up on the roof with the leaf blower to get rid of the leaves in the gutters. As I was reading blogs this morning I heard footsteps on the roof; it couldn't be Santa, he's already been here. I tried to ignore it but was waiting to hear a thump and a moan. All I was hearing was the leaf blower.

As I was walking past the front door on my way to our bedroom, I noticed that he was about to get on the ladder to come down from the roof. Then I saw the ladder slip so I hurried out the door. It was one of those telescoping metal ladders. Well, the rubber feet didn't catch due to all the wet leaves on the deck. Next, as I tried to hold the ladder so he could come down, it started to de-telescope, catching my middle finger on my right hand and ripping off a piece of skin. That hurt like the dickens. The ladder continued to slip but finally Kerry got down without falling. He has a platelet disorder so falling is not a good thing for him.

Cold water, peroxide, neosporin and a band aid helped my wound. I kept my hand above my heart for a while so the bleeding would stop. My tetanus shot is recent so I should be okay. Just another day in retirement.

The photo is taken from the veranda of our stateroom and shows the life boats.


Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Hire very young people who are fearless for such jobs LOL. I am so glad you are both ok. Those kind of wounds do hurt like heck though.

The cruise sounds wonderful. Glad you had a good time & got home safely. Looking forward to more pics.

Blessed be...

blogauthor said...

OMG ........ DO NOT CLIMB ON THE ROOF EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My heart was in my throat as I read this entry. There are so many good reasons to hire someone to do this, people who use rigging to make sure they don't fall. I am so glad everything ended up (relatively) ok. Have a glass of wine to forget the finger!

this time: brochos. Hmmm another weird word.

blogauthor said...

Its just your word verification for leaving a comment, usually they are garbled nonsense, now they are garbled but are sorta wordlike. Like: syndrose.

Creamy Silver said...

The photos are FAB!

I love hear about your adventures (domestic and abroad.)