Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Images

Today was a very important day in American history. There are lots of images to tell you about it, but my favorite is a young lady swathed in pink and orange; her name is Sasha Obama. Her sister, Malia, was dressed a bit more sedately. Sasha clearly wanted to let the country know that she likes bright colors. A young woman after my own heart. And her mother's dress was stunning; loved her leather gloves.

One of the things I greatly admire about modern-day mothers is how they let their children choose what they are going to wear. I remember one Sunday in church when a little girl showed up in her pink tutu and high tops. In fact she wore that same outfit several Sunday's in a row. Brought a lot of smiles from the congregation. Lest you think I used to be a serious church-goer, my choice of churches was Unitarian.

The color seen at the inauguration to me signals a change in every facet of the White House. Finally we have people who read books again. That's one thing I loved about the Clintons. I can't same the same for President 43.

So tomorrow President Obama reports to the Oval Office to start the tough job of getting this country and its people turned around toward peace and prosperity. He is going to need all of our support. Me, I'm watching to see what Sasha wears next.


Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

I think Miss Sasha is just ADORABLE, too!! Her sister is also quite a beautiful young lady, but I think Sasha will be the one to watch for girly mischief, it hides behind her sparkling eyes. The Obamas seem to be such a wonderful, loving, together family. They will be a welcome change in the WH. Readers, ah yes that will also be nice. I always loved to find out what the Clintons were reading. Now I look forward to the Obama Reading List.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Blessed be...

sugarcreekstuff said...

I wonder if they make that coat in a grown up size, and do they ever end up in the thrift shop?

Rondi said...

The kids clothes were from J. Crew, per the news reports. No surprise given that Michelle has talked about buying from them online.

So maybe that is why the J. Crew website has crashed today!

blogauthor said...

George no reed buhks. He gotz C- at Yale.

Yeah, I'll take the Harvard educated Law Review editor any day.

I cried during the inauguration.