Friday, January 16, 2009

Tails From Our Kitchen

There is a mouse living under our refrigerator. Nora and Giorgio apparently discovered it late yesterday afternoon. I'd prefer to just let it be; we do live in the country with lots of creepy, crawly things. Kerry, however, wants to pull out the refrigerator. That will accomplish one thing: the mouse will dash to hide somewhere else in the house. So far nothing has happened. He has to find the instruction booklet for the refrigerator to figure out how to move it. I'll keep you posted.

Also, our toaster oven only toasts on one side. The heating element on the bottom doesn't work. This means you have to toast one side and then flip the bread over so the other side gets brown and crispy. We thought about getting a new one, and then decided that we have all the time in the world so why fuss about a little toast flipping. So the toaster oven stays; probably until the other element dies.

Harleen ate part of her gentle leader. She hates her gentle leader so I guess she thought this would eliminate it from her life. Wrong, Petsmart has lots of them.

Those are the tales and tails from the country today.


Creamy Silver said...

Mice don't scare me but their droppings gross me out. And they like to chew thru pot holders. Not very nice.

I make toast in the oven. Seems primitive but I can't justify another space hog appliance I'll only use a handful of times a year.

I enjoy your tales/tails :)

Rhonda said...

that mouse must have a death wish?

our 4 slicer toaster is starting to bite the dust as well.
One day she burns our bagel's the next day she can't even brown the bread.
We've decided to keep her for a little while longer.
We are thinking very similar to you both.

Have a good day.