Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting Greener

Now that we have a green president I thought I would post some of my favorite places to make your lives easier, greener and to help the earth. I have no idea what order these will appear on the blog so I'll start with Terra Pass. Every year I pay a certain amount of money to offset the carbons produced by my car. I also do it for my flights. Go to the web site: The money goes to carbon offset projects. Unlike many other programs, this one actually tells you about the projects and what they have accomplished. If you own a Hummer this will cost a lot. My Prius costs me about $30 a year.

I just signed up for today. Someone sent me the link. We get several yellow pages every year which we never use. A lot of times they sit out on the road in their plastic bags looking really ugly. Signing up at this web site is free and you get rid of something that uses up precious resources. may be my favorite. For $20 per year they will get rid of your junk mail. Really, it works. How do you think we went on vacation for seven days and didn't fill our mailbox completely? Green Dimes. It takes time, but within a few months the junk is gone, including all those credit card applications. Although, with the current economy they may not be sending out as many as they used to.

If nothing else I hope you will check out these web sites. And pass on the message. We can't afford to waste precious resources. Let me know if there are green sites you like. It's the only planet we have.

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Joanna said...

good info, I'll check out the links