Saturday, March 01, 2008

She's Stable

It was a roller coaster ride today that ended with good news and stability. The surgery she had on Wednesday really knocked her for a loop; it has taken her a while to recover but the good news is that she is.

I'm eating leftover Mac and Cheese (made from scratch) and having a glass of chardonnay (okay two glasses), but I've earned them.

My sister is amazingly strong. Somewhere inside her quiet body she is busy fighting this. Neil and I both spent time holding her hand and talking to her.

It's amazing and scary how you can become so used to all the beeps in the room. The dialysis machine is constantly beeping. A bag needs emptying or refilling or they just need to test to make sure it's working right. The redundancy's are very calming for me.

Dr. Hamm spoke with us this morning. Very attractive but very skinny. I found out from Vicky's day nurse that she is a triathlete. Probably helps relieve her stress level.

Vicky had an echo sonogram of her legs to look for blood clots and an echo cardiogram of her heart. Both were clear. That is a relief.

Back to the hospital tomorrow morning. We found out we can get a reduced parking rate because she has been in the hospital for so long. That will be nice. It will be $4 per day rather than $10 and you can go in and out as much as you want for the $4.

I know I'm not going home on Tuesday. I don't know what Kerry plans yet. The good news is that his last blood test showed his platelets at 37,000. We cheer for anything over 30,000. That's all the news on this Saturday night.


Rhonda said...

Stable is good.

Mac n cheese from scratch?!
That is pure heaven.

blogauthor said...

Its a roller coaster ride no one wants to be on, but as long as you are, hold on tight. (( hug ))

If you talk to the hospital's patient advocate, you can almost always get your parking fully waived, or at least backdated so its $4 from the start. Ask the chaplain to point you in the right direction. I think its completely inappropriate to have people pay to park at a hospital. I mean, its not anyone wants to be there!!

Anonymous said...

Sound like good news finally. Hang in there.