Friday, March 14, 2008

How Many Ways Can You Say "Good News"

More good news from the ICU. Doctors removed her final chest tube today and nothing bad happened. Her vent setting is down to 35% oxygen plus the rhythm of her setting has changed to a more normal breathing just like you would have if you were asleep, which she still is. With all these changes her blood gases remained normal. The Versed is totally gone and they have reduced the Propifol slightly.

Nothing much will happen over the weekend. She has two nurses that she has had many times: Kent at night and Lori during the day.

Neil thinks they may wake her up next week. I hope so.

The nurses told us that they had seen miracles; people who never should have made it out of ICU come back to thank them for the good care. Vicky is a miracle and so is the prednisone that made that miracle possible.

Once again Neil wants me to tell all of you how much he appreciates your positive energy, prayers, Reiki and anything else you are sending.

I had a quilting class today where I learned a Korean way of folding fabric called Chopkey. Tomorrow I'm taking another class called "Twisted Bargello." Gotta make up for two weeks of not quilting.

Sunday I'm going to a quilt show in a neighboring county. Life is good.


dykewife said...

that is good news! i hope she continues with the improvements and can get out of hospital right soon. they're great places when you're sick, but lousy places to recover in.

have fun quilting.

Rhonda said...

It's good to hear you quilting again...

blogauthor said...

GREAT news!!!!