Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's Almost Boring

Even though things are going well, I still have this feeling in my gut every time a doctor walks by or a machine beeps. She is doing well. I won't bore you with the stats. She just seems to be tolerating whatever they do.

The sad news in ICU today was the death of a 44-year-old woman. She died of complications of the flu. Her teenage son looked so sad. I'm amazed that while all this sadness is happening, the staff continues to care for the rest of the patients. I guess you have to do that to work there.

Her nurse last night, Kevin, reorganized all the poles on which her meds hang. This means that we can approach her from either side of the bed. Also it makes the whole scene look less foreboding.

My brother goes home Sunday afternoon and I go home Monday night. Of course, all of this could change in a heart beat, but for now I feel calmer.

The family came for dinner tonight. I made pot roast in the slow cooker. Lots of folks had seconds. And grand baby Max at my leftover Mac and Cheese. Made me so happy.

My brother and I went to Whole Foods so he could get some vegan things to eat for dinner. We also bought fresh guacamole and chips but then forgot it in our cart after buying his vegan stuff.
But I did get to finish his vinegar and salt kettle chips because when he read the ingredients he found out that they had lactose in them. Vegans don't eat lactose. Score one for the non-vegans.

That's all for tonight. My brother is at the hospital early tomorrow because he has an afternoon flight. We will probably get there in the early afternoon. I haven't had any Imodium since Thursday so I guess I must be doing better mentally.

Thank you again for all your prayers, Reiki and energy. It is most definitely helping.


Rhonda said...

I think of all the days you've spent up there and wonder if you're not completely drained?

hang in there...

Barb said...

We just came home from singing in a concert (CSUS Univ. choir) and, as I do each evening, I'm checking to see how Vicky is. I'm always relieved when it's NO news, rather than bad news. As for boring, boy do I know how that is after spending 3 weeks in my mom's hosp. room--I was totally drained. We'll keep the prayers coming for you all. Barb