Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great News About Vicky

A note from Vicky's husband Neil:

Hi everyone:

The weeks have passed by with Vicky in the hospital. Last week, as the sedatives wore off, she opened her eyes. She was still glazed over and it took another week for her to realize where she was. On Good Friday, she tried to talk, but with the respirator in her throat, she could not make any sound. She has run the gambit of joy and sadness as she has become aware of her situation. On Saturday and Sunday, she got to sit in a special chair and had some breathing test to help her get off the respirator. It made for a great Easter, thus our miracle. I greatly believe that all of the many prayers said on her behalf have been answered.

Today, I got great news from Dr. Moreno, her ICU doctor. She is well enough to be transfer to Regency Hospital, where she will receive respiratory and physical therapy. Regency is in Golden Valley, behind the Courage Center. It is a small hospital, only two floors, that specializes in acute care. The average stay is around 35 days. They can do dialysis and they also have an ICU unit. They can handle most medical emergencies, should they occur. The best thing is that they have free parking, something unheard of nowadays. She will be transferred on Friday, March 28, after 45 days in ICU and52 days at Methodist Hospital.

I will be with Vicky all day on Friday and will let you all know how she is after the transfer.

Keep your prayers and good thoughts coming.

Love, Neil

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Rhonda said...

I've been getting the e-mailsabout your blog...so I've been keeping up that way with you. So happy to hear this continued improvement for her!