Monday, March 24, 2008

She Sat In A Chair Yesterday

Yes, it's true. The chair was a recliner that could accommodate all of the stuff that pokes into and out of her. The chair flattens out right next to her bed and then they move all the linens, tubes and Vicky directly to the chair. Then they moved her to a more upright position.

She tolerated sitting very well although she had to be propped up with lots of pillows. She was also off the ventilator twice yesterday. She is too weak to squeeze Neil's hand.

Today they are going to attach something to the tracheotomy so she can talk. That will be a huge relief because Neil says she is mouthing words but he doesn't read lips. My brother does but he's back home in Evergreen, CO. Neil did understand one question she mouthed "How long?" He assumed she meant how long has she been in ICU. When he told her she cried. Breaks my heart to hear this.

Today she will have another echocardiogram and some kind of look at her esophagus. Her temperature is back to normal after giving her antibiotics.

Still no date to move her to Long Term Acute Care. She has been accepted at the facility closest to Neil's house.

Meanwhile Kitten Vicky is surviving but wobbly. The feedings during the night brought back memories of how tired I was when Mark was still feeding every four hours round the clock. Right now she is in a sling I fashioned out of a shawl. She seems calmer when she's close to me.

Thank you Dykewife for the tip on getting a kitten to pee and poop. It worked. I never would have thought of it. If you are wondering what it is, just read Dykewife's comment on my blog from Saturday.

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