Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Good News Bulletin About Vicky

From Neil:

"Today was another good day. The Versed sedative, a derivative of Valium, has been turned down to 2 mg/hr and Vicky has been displaying good vitals. The doctors removed one of the chest tubes from around her lungs. This was put in weeks ago to vent air that was leaking from her lungs. The lungs have sealed up and there is no air build up in her chest cavity. They will clamp off the other tube tomorrow and, if there are no problems, remove it on Friday. Dr. Ravenscroft was very happy at her progress and Dr. Willis (the surgeon) observed her wound as it was being redressed this afternoon.

I also met one of the social workers who will be helpful when Vicky moves on from the ICU.

Heidi (our cousin) visited with me and we had a good talk.

As good as the results have been, our girl has a ways to go yet. Dr. Ravenscroft wants to get some better numbers on the respirator before Vicky is awakened. I can only hope that by next week she will be looking at us and then freak out when she is told what has happened to her over the last 5 weeks.
Thank you all for your love and support. It has been a great comfort to me."


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