Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good News Again

Just heard from Neil. Vicky is down to 1 mg of Versed and has her vent adjusted to 40% oxygen. Tomorrow the final chest tube will come out. The renal doc says her kidneys have a 75-80% chance of recovering. I wish it was 100% but I'll take what we can get.

Neil went to the auto show today, which was great. He needs to take care of himself by doing things that please him. He promised me he would stay healthy.

That's all for tonight. I'm in quilt classes for the next two days. That's how I take care of myself. Tonight we are having stew in the crock pot. Yummy.


blogauthor said...

That is incredibly heartening. I'm trying to imagine the look on her face when she wakes up and its months later ... what a bizarre feeling that will be.

And you are so right about taking care of oneself. There is some quote that says something like "It's not the sick ones I worry about, its the healthy ones". So true.

Asana Bear said...

Don't worry. In lawyer and doctor speak, 75 to 80% is about as good as it gets! That means barring some unbelieveable catastrophe, Vicky's kidneys will recover. Your legal brother.