Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Small Step Backward

Another message from Neil:

I was hoping to let you all know that Vicky had been transferred to Regency hospital, but she is still at Methodist. She had a low grade fever on Friday so the doctors didn't want to move her until they could bring that down with antibiotics. I did not see her on Saturday as I came down with some kind of stomach bug.

According to her nurses, Vicky threw up on Saturday afternoon. They stopped her nose feeding and placed a drain line in her nose instead. She had a CT scan today as her stomach felt firmer and they found she had a pocket of blood collecting between her stomach and her stoma. This caused her intestines to stop and back up into her stomach.

She was very tired when I saw her today. She had been breathing with the tracheotomy dome most of the day, has a good heart beat and blood pressure plus her fever is gone. So we have one more delay.

The doctor on duty today thinks that she should be better by the end of the week. Everyone in the ICU wants to see her go because she has been a miracle in the making.

Again, I want to thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

Love, Neil

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