Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another News Flash

Today they took Vicky off the ventilator for short periods of time and she seemed to breath on her own pretty well. They will continue to do that for short periods so they can finally get her off the thing. Her eyes were open a lot today so they put in her hearing aid in which they had placed new batteries. Neil said he stood right over her and his his most stentorian voice said her name and his. No response. She is still pretty heavily sedated. One of the nurses said she smiled last night. Making lots of drool which they suction out of her mouth. She doesn't like that and bites down on the tube.

Dr. Sue Ravenscraft, who is the Director of ICU, came by as Neil was leaving tonight. She commented on how strong Vicky is. That is an understatement. Despite their attempts to inadvertently kill her, she is still alive. You go girl!


Creamy Silver said...

I know I haven't commented recently but I check in often to see how your sis is doing and I still pray for her daily. She is definitely a fighter!

How are you?

Rhonda said...

You go girl is right!