Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Toothbrush Episode

We had a good laugh in ICU today; that almost sounds like an oxymoron. Now that the intubation tube is out of her mouth and in her neck, the nurses can do a more thorough job of brushing her teeth. She had a great nurse today who has been an ICU nurse for 25 years. She calls herself an adrenaline junky.

Anyway Carol brushes Vicky's teeth with a small sponge covered with toothpaste at the end of a toothbrush-type handle. Today she put the toothbrush in Vicky's mouth and started scrubbing. Vicky clamped down on the toothbrush with her teeth and wouldn't let go. Carol, said "that's a good sign. She's in there and doesn't like what I'm doing." Carol did it several more times and she reacted the same way. It really relieved my stress to see her fight back. She needs to keep fighting.

Other good news today: her white cell count is up and she doesn't have a fever. She's still on ventomyocin (sp?). And she's getting six cans of liquid food every 24 hours. It's baby steps but they are steps.

As we were leaving the hospital today we heard "Code Blue on 3North." Vicky is on 2North. My heart went out to the poor family of that person, but I was so glad it wasn't Vicky. That's all for today. Neil is working again tomorrow so Kerry and I will be on duty.

Thank you all again for your kind words, thoughts, energy and prayers. They are working.


blogauthor said...

Sending my best thoughts to you all ..... sounds like its vancomycin - the assault weapon of antibiotics. (((( hug )))

Rhonda said...

Our family has had some really good laughs in places where it seems almost inappropriate. Laughter is good medicine.
So so glad she is making a good recovery.