Sunday, February 24, 2008

People Are Wonderful

I was out running errands earlier today in the pouring rain. It's also really windy. My last stop was the scrapbook store. I was looking for a 5/8 inch hole punch to use in my newest applique block. You punch a hole in non-melt Mylar and then use it to make any circles in the applique. The circles are called yo-yos.

Somehow the sales clerk, who had been really helpful, and I started talking and before I knew it I had told her about my sister being in ICU. "Would you like her name added to our prayer group?" she asked. I was amazed. Here I am a total stranger and this woman is willing to pray for my sister whom she's never met. I readily agreed and told her we had other prayer groups, but one more would never hurt.

So that's my happy story for the day. I'm off to the quilt show to pick up my Mardi Gras quilt. I ordered a CD of all the quilts in the show so I can show all of you a few of the most amazing quilts.


Rhonda said...

there are so many people that are open and caring and wonderful.
so glad you met one today!

blogauthor said...

Yup, I've made friends with people all over the place via this thing called the interest, and especially blogging.

Hope your trip goes well tomorrow.