Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Sister

After four hours of surgery, she is in the ICU; intubated and drugged for a while until she can recover. She's on antibiotics due to the leakage from the original joining of the colon. The doctor took out some more of her colon. I'm worried about the infection because I've read all kinds of things about MRSA. I'm hoping Blogauthor will be of help here. She knows this stuff.

I am so relieved that she survived the surgery. Don't stop praying and sending energy yet. She still needs all she can get. I told my brother-in-law to whisper in her ear tomorrow that I love her. It's something I need her to know. We have not always had the most pleasant of relationships.

So, I'm off to bed now. My bookgroup was here during all of this, and we actually had a great discussion thanks to Jan who took care of it all. I was a basket case. Our dessert was sugar-free ice cream (vanilla and cookies and cream) with homemade biscotti (not made in my home but made by my friend Linda's husband Tony).

That's all for today. She is alive, and I'm so greatful for that.


Creamy Silver said...

Oh wow... consider my prayers en route.

Rhonda said...

hang in there.