Friday, February 15, 2008

My Brother-in-Law Thanks You

Neil wanted me to let all of you know how much he and Vicky appreciate the prayers and positive energy you have sent their way. He thinks it's pretty wonderful that people who don't know either of them will write such wonderful thoughts and keep them in their prayers. I already know how special all of you are. He's learning.

The litany of her health woes is long and scary: lung infection, on ventilator with nebulizer attached still trying to keep her lungs inflated even when she exhales, kidneys not doing well, sedated and paralyzed so she can recover, on antibiotics... I sort of lost count. Her blood pressure was too low but that seems to have responded well to medication.

They have started physical therapy for her so her muscles don't atrophy. They are especially concerned about something called "dropped foot." When you are sedated and paralyzed as she is, your feet drop and your achilles is shortened. To prevent that from being permanent, she is wearing a boot with a hard sole that keeps her feet in a position that extends the tendon. Plus they move her around so she doesn't get pressure sores.

My brother and his wife were there today. My brother said he couldn't call me until he stopped sobbing.

Right this moment my son is playing at Carnegie Hall with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. I would like to have been there but I just couldn't do it; I have to stay close to Kerry. He is my rock in good times and bad.

I feel sick to my stomach and sort of spacey. I'm getting through this by counting each hour that she is alive as proof that she will make it. Please keep praying and sending energy. She is my baby sister and I don't want to lose her. And thank you from the entire family for your support.


dykewife said...

reiki is still headed her way. take care of yourself as well.

Rhonda said...

I'm with dykewife-she's STILL in our thoughts and prayers...

I'm so proud of your son with you!!!