Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back To Normal

Yes, I'm feeling much better. The food/wine hangover did pass as they always do. Luckily Kerry found a home for the huge, multi-layered chocolate chocolate cake from Costco. One of our guests brought it to the party. Everyone had some; then we were faced with this delicious thing which neither Kerry or I need. So Kerry took it to our polling place on Tuesday and they were very glad to see it.

I sure wish that Super Tuesday had been more definitive (I'm a Hillary supporter; if you don't like her don't send me any ugly mail).

My sister had her surgery yesterday for the pre-cancerous nodule in her colon. Everything went well. The doctor said it didn't look "nasty;" his word not mine. Now we just have to wait for the pathology report.

Unlike so many surgeries these days, she will be in the hospital for a few days so they can make sure that her digestive system works. I hadn't thought about that. They took out two inches of her colon; a little on either side of the nodule just to make sure. I was pretty nervous all day waiting to hear from my brother-in-law. Turns out the surgery was delayed for a couple of hours due to the person in the operating room before her. My brother is in Denmark on business and had to go to bed before we knew the outcome. He found out this morning with my e-mail.

So thank you all for your prayers and positive energy. Once again it did the trick. Don't skip those colonoscopies. The prep is worse than the exam.

We had lots of veggies left over from our party so I made a soup with potatoes and leeks (not left over), red peppers, cauliflower, carrots and corn (also not left over). I cooked the veggies in chicken broth and a little leftover wine, whirred it up in the Cuisinart, added some cream, salt and pepper, and we had soup. Kerry bought some really good crusty bread to dunk. Delicious and healthy dinner.

It's treadmill day and then on to some more quilting. The sun is shining and I feel great.

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Rhonda said...

The sun is still not shining here but the snow has stopped. :)

Glad your hangover is gone. That's always a good thing.

Your veggies sound scrumptious!
Speaking of veggies I need more of them and less of chocolate. A fix I've fixated on of late.
Treadmill it is!!!