Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It's Awfully Busy Around Here

Sometimes I don't know where the time goes. I wake up Monday morning and somehow before I know it Friday is here. It's only Wednesday, but this week has been so jam packed that it feels like it should be Friday.

Monday I had a teeth cleaning (got another A+ from my dentist). Finished two quilting projects in the p.m. Tuesday a.m. quilting bee. Came home from that and discovered that Harleen had gone into heat. Luckily she was crated separately from Harry.

Called CCI about bringing her to the clinic where she will spend about three weeks. This makes sure that no other dogs sneak in and inseminate her. Drove three hours to Santa Rosa, brought her to the clinic, went back to the car to get her food, returned to the clinic to find that she had already been taken back to the girls' "spa" as it's called.

I never got to say good bye; to assure her this was only temporary. I was bummed all three hours home. Well, Harry is a bit confused. He looked for her last night when I got home. The cats think they have hit pay dirt although they still have Harry. He goes home Sunday a.m. so then we will go back to being a cat only house.

It's so quiet. I'm used to the rough and tumble dogs but one dog doesn't rough and tumble and make noise. Although his snoring could wake the dead.

My sister-in-law's mom came through her lung cancer surgery very well. They got the tumor and found no cancer in the lymph nodes. No chemo or radiation. Dodged a bullet there.

She has to blow into one of those breathing tubes to make sure she doesn't get pneumonia. Standard procedure after surgery. She calls hers Johnny Depp. That shows you how cool a lady she is.

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