Friday, August 28, 2009

Harleen News

She has hip dysplasia, which is not good. CCI will be releasing her from the program. We will adopt her. No question there. I have not talked to the CCI vet yet to get anything more than the diagnosis.

So, how do I feel; very sad. I'm surprised at that. But after some soul-searching and talking with Kerry, I've realized that one of the reasons I wanted to be a puppy raiser is that I thought this would guarantee that I would not have to watch another old dog die. I would just keep getting puppies and turning them over for advanced training. Somebody else would witness their demise.

Prior to CCI, I rescued Golden Retrievers who had been abandoned or given up. I took the old ones because at the time I had a very small backyard in Alameda. Emily came into my life when she was abandoned in the night box at the Fremont pound in the Bay Area. She was sweet, docile and loving. I bought a dog handicap ramp for her to get into my SUV. She couldn't jump and I couldn't lift her. I fell in love and adopted her. Kerry and I moved her to the country with us. She developed epilepsy and died about a year later. That was so hard.

When I heard the news about Harleen, I relived the night we went to see Emily after she had died at the emergency vet clinic in Roseville. She just wouldn't stop seizing no matter what the vet did.

So now Harleen is categorized as "Change of Career" or COC in CCI jargon. She's not quite sure what to do with the new freedom she has now as a pet. We need to get her spayed. Then we will face whatever needs to be done for her hips. A part of me wants another puppy sometime in the future; maybe this time I won't have to watch it die. That's the news for today.
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dykewife said...

that's the thing about life, it does eventually end. but harleen is a young dog and other than the hip issues she's in good health and will probably live a nice long doggie life withe people she's grown attached to.

she won't have her life turned upside down by having to go to other trainers and then to a permanent home. she has hers already.

Oklahoma Girl said...

There has always been a sadness in Harleen's eyes that I have seen. Now I know why. But once she realizes she is in her forever home, I look for it to go away. Sadly, death is a part of life. But she is young & otherwise healthy. You will have her with you for many years to come. Enjoy the love. She is blessed to have come to you. You are blessed to have her to heal your grieving heart. Do not look to tomorrow, enjoy today - it is all any of Great Spirit's creatures are promised.

blessed be...

gypsy said...

Now not only will you enjoy the love of a puppy but many years from now you'll enjoy the love of an old dog again, too. Knowing and loving Harleen as we do, we're happy that we'll get to see her grow up with Zoey.

Anonymous said...

Harleen and Tildy were kennel mates in Santa Rosa last month. I was wondering about her! Tildy has a dog blog and another puppy raiser commented about your blog. I'd love to chat.
Sorry to hear about her hips.

blogauthor said...

Gosh, I have mixed feelings, which surprised me too. I was excited for Harleen to get to her new job and for you to get another puppy. But she's on a great journey with you and so that is how it was meant to be I guess. Poor girl, hip dysplasia - make sure you give her glucosamine starting early in life, it helps tremendously.