Thursday, June 04, 2009

We Are Home

And very happy to be here. Last night Mother Nature treated us to a phenomenal thunder and lightening storm that woke us up off and on during the night. Our cat Giorgio really didn't like the light and sound so kept pacing up and down our bed. Quite often his pacing took him over the two of us. We don't get this kind of weather very often. Giorgio is thankful for that.

One of our first adventures on the trip occurred when we realized we had left Harleen's service dog vest at home. That's how we came to meet one of her half sisters, Edyth, on Whidby Island. Kerry is holding them together in the top picture. I'm not sure which is Edyth and which is Harleen they looked so much alike. I put out an e-mail to puppy raisers when we realized what we had forgotten; Shannon was the first to respond. CCI is a great group of people.

Took the ferry from Mukilteo to South Whidby (a first for Harleen), got the vest, had a little playtime for Harleen and then headed to Kerry's family via a wonderful organic farm where we had lunch. So that turned out to not be so bad after all.

She met several dogs at the Memorial Service on Saturday; she wasn't too sure about any of them so spent most of the time sitting right next to me with her tail tucked in. Dinner there was salmon caught off the coast of Alaska by the barbecuers. Delicious.

She met two more dogs on Sunday when Kerry's sister Joanne brought her dog Wiley (floppy-eared dog) for a visit and his nephew David and his wife Summer brought Nellie for a visit. All three played well together.

Sunday was also the day we visited Laura and Mike at What a wonderful farm. We met the chickens that will be in the freezer by this weekend. They do their own slaughtering along with the help of friends who want birds.

Harleen chased a chicken; that's another first for her. I hope you will stop by Laura's blog for a visit. The one thing we didn't get to see was the bee hive, which they've recently established.

Gotta go run errands and get caught up. More tomorrow on our trip.
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Kirby3131 said...

Sounds fun so far :) and new experiences for people and puppies!