Thursday, June 04, 2009

First Dinner: One Local Summer

Click on the top link in the left column of my blog if you want more information. Once a week (maybe more) I'll be posting a meal made primarily from local products. Never done this so I'm a bit nervous. Thursday night's dinner: barbecued pork spare ribs smothered in mandarin orange BBQ sauce and oven roasted potatoes with torpedo onions, fresh thyme, fresh golden oregano, salt, pepper and EVOO.

Everything is local, well, except the salt and pepper. The pork comes from Bob at in Sheridan, CA. The BBQ sauce comes from the Newcastle Mandarin Ranch (no web site). The thyme and golden oregano are from my garden. The torpedo onion and potatoes are from the farmer's market in Roseville, CA.

The EVOO is from They hosted the Slow Food USA dinner we attended a few weeks ago.

Our wine is a Raymond Hill chardonnay which isn't as local as I'd like: Napa, CA Trader Joe's sells it.

Once a week all of the One Local Summer meal bloggers from around the country will be posted on I hope you will check it out.

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