Monday, June 22, 2009

Newlywed Update

I love the photo of Julia holding the heart shaped rock in the Grand Canyon. I also love the other picture because it shows how much my son loves her. That's at the Grand Canyon too.

The big news is that they are moving to St. Louis, MO from Albuquerque. This morning Julia won the audition with the St. Louis Symphony for a one year position as "utility" French horn player.

Mark has subbed with them several times including when they played at Carnegie Hall. He will probably get a lot more sub work because he will be local. I am so happy for them. He will take a leave from New Mexico.

It's a fairy tale story. She won the audition with the New Mexico Symphony where Mark played trumpet, Mark fell in love with her, she fell in love with Mark, they got engaged, she went to play with the Malaysia Symphony Orchestra in Kuala Lumpur right before the wedding (gutsy bride), they got married at the Grand Canyon and then both went to Kuala Lumpur to play for three months. They came back to Albuquerque, unpacked and prepared for the rest of their very exciting lives.

Who knows what's next. I do know that I am awfully proud of both of them. Their marriage is off to a good start.
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Kirby3131 said...

What a nice story :)