Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yummy; Blueberries In My Neighborhood

I saw the sign a couple of weeks ago just down the road from my house. Today was their first day at the Farmers' Market in Auburn, CA. I had a quilt class so didn't get to market; they also sell from their home on weekends so I stopped by and met Althea (the farmer) and Merrill (an attorney). One of the boxes I bought was picked by Althea as I waited. They are certified organic.

Tonight's dinner, blueberry pancakes from Blue Acres, eggs from Chaffin Orchard Farm and bacon from Coffee Pot Ranch. I just hope there are enough blueberries left by dinner time. I keep eating them.

Welcome to the neighborhood Althea and Merrill. We are glad you are here.
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Country Girl said...

Ha, nice to meet you. Love the local challenge you are doing. Love your profile description. I too am a recovering catholic.