Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Tough Day For Her Today

The past year of medical misfortunes has taught my sister a horrible lesson; always expect the worst. Her glass is always half empty when it comes to her health.

Today was a tough one. Actually it started last night when she threw up. That's a tough one when you haven't eaten since last Tuesday. No one from the family was there. Her surgeon saw her this morning and didn't seem concerned. When I left tonight she was clutching the bag she would throw up in; she was asleep at the time.

But by the time I got there today she was sure she was headed down the same awful path of 2008. Her pain was high and she was shaking. I finally got the nurse to give her some atavan; that calmed her down so she could sleep. Then when the pain got bad her husband and I got her epidural meds increased. Does anyone out there know what a "bolus" is? Anyway, she had a bolus of the epidural stuff. That helped a lot.

The problem is that she has trouble telling the nurses what she needs. They can't help her if they don't know. Finally they've noted on her chart that she has trouble asking for help.

Then they were concerned about her urine output. The minute she heard that she was sure she was headed for dialysis and didn't want to go there. Her husband calls her the queen of pessimism. After what she has been through, it's easy to see why. Our job is to override the pessimism and keep her focused on the moment.

Turns out her urine output is just fine. She's really thin and shouldn't be putting much out.

Tomorrow will be another day. We just need to try to get her to focus on the moment she is in. That's a tough one for her. So we need lots of prayers, energy and Reiki tonight and for the next few days.


Rhonda said...

oh this is sad...
I will pray for her...

Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Oh,I am so sorry! I know with her history this is very worrisome, but she is healing. Just keep placing your hands on her for the healing energy. Most importantly, her fear has to subside for the healing to continue. A very tall order I know, but she needs to repeat healing affirmations even if it is silently to herself. The Spirit is a powerful tool for healing. I believe what we think will become truth. We attract what we project to the Universe. That is why it is some important for your sis to keep positive & believe this is not the same as the other times. I know this is very difficult when such pain is involved. I am continuing to send healing vibes & blessings her way. Also for you & her family. Stay strong, stay positive.

A bolus is a high quantity of the drug given at one time as a "boost" before the regular timed releases continue if she is on an intravenous drip or regular injections.

Blessed be...

Peggi in Denver said...

Kathy, a bolus is kind of an extra, more potent dose of what she's got in the epidural drip. It would be used for exactly what she needed, an extra "oomph" of pain killer.

(If you are wondering who I am, I'm Randi's friend. You and I have met only a few times, last time for lunch in Oakland. How many years ago was that???)