Friday, March 06, 2009

My Latest Mini-Quilt

This was all made from fabric that I had in my stash. I love the Mardi Gras masks. My sewing machine is going to the hospital while I'm in Minneapolis. It's doing a few things that it just shouldn't. Hopefully two weeks will be enough time to set it right.

Also, I have two black eyes. I noticed this when I was putting my contact lenses in this morning. They are from my sinuses and my most recent cold. I have been coughing and blowing my nose a lot. Kerry wanted to take a picture of them. I declined.

The blackness is on either side of the bridge of my noise deep in the corners of my eyes.
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Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Lovely!! I really like the fabric. Gosh, sounds like a nasty cold. I am sending vibes your way.

Blessed be...