Monday, March 09, 2009

Artichokes And My Sister

The first artichokes have arrived at my local organic food market. That to me says spring like nothing else, well maybe asparagus at the farmer's market. That will happen. They are from Castroville, which is down the coast from San Francisco near Monterrey.

We ate everything but the heart last night so that will be part of our dinner tonight. I finally found a whole wheat bread recipe that does not turn out like a small, but tasty, brick. This one is light and sweet with lots of wildflower honey from nearby bee farm.

On top of the delicious bread I will pile thin slices of barbecued (last night) rib steak, a small slice of smokey bleu cheese and an artichoke heart. On the side will be a simple salad of lettuce and avocados with a lemony dressing.

The bread recipe came from a blog I really like. She calls herself Mangochild; her blog is Her recipe is amazingly simple. It might be the plain yogurt that helps make it so light. I was skeptical at first but Kerry pronounced it delicious this morning.

It's the last meal I will fix for Kerry for a while. I just hope he will eat healthfully some of the time I'm gone. There are some things in the freezer that should get him by but he and any one of his vehicles have trouble passing up fast food.

I leave tomorrow on an early flight to Minneapolis to be with my sister for her next surgery. It's on the 12th. The surgeon will rejoin her colon to the whatever you rejoin a colon to. She is terrified. I am too. We have both been having dreams related to the surgery. I am just anxious to get there tomorrow.

I'll post when I can to update you on her progress. I just want this to go well for her. Your prayers, energy, Reiki and chants are most welcome. We take any and all help.
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Cindi said...

Give Vicky a big hug from me. You'll probably be there by the time you read this. I think she is very brave to be facing surgery again and am sending all the positive thoughts I can muster.

Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Blessing & healing vibes have been sent to your sister. Also, good vibes & blessings for you for the strength to be calm, positive, & to have a healing touch each time you place your hands on your dear sister.

Blessed be...

Rhonda said...

saying a prayer for your sis and you....