Sunday, March 08, 2009

Just Say No To Monsanto And Food Irradiation

Food safety has become a real issue in the past few years. That means Ag Secretary Vilsack's appointments to that part of the USDA are critically important. Currently there are two people being considered for Food Safety and Inspection Service. Once is from Monsanto (boo) and the other believes that irradiation of food is the way to go to protect consumers health.

I hope you will consider sending the e-mail below. One more reason to buy your food locally from people you know.

Dear Secretary Vilsack,

I ask that you take the lead in helping America protect the safety of its food supply by appointing a real reformer at the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) position and advising President Obama not to name Michael Taylor to any position in the administration.

Please appoint someone other than Michael Osterholm, who has proven to be too biased in favor of a single technology that has been ineffective in stopping food safety outbreaks and is something that most American consumers don’t want.

I took the President at his word when he said he would close the revolving door in this new administration and I know that you want to lead a new era at the USDA. Please appoint true reformers to positions within the USDA to help you transform America’s food and farm system for the 21st century.

Thanks for your consideration.


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