Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Lost My Phone

I have looked everywhere. I called housekeeping at the hospital to see if they found it. Nobody was there so the message machine asked me to leave a call back number. I don't have one. What a world. I just never realized. Vicky's friend tried calling my phone to see if we would hear it but I had it on vibrate. That brought a chuckle.

Vicky is doing well, complaining, but doing well. She sat in the chair twice yesterday and walked a bit. It's hard to convince her that the reason her body hurts so much is because it isn't moving enough. She got a dinner tray (if you can call it that) last night; clear liquids.

Today her epidural comes out. They put a PIC line in yesterday which makes it much easier to administer drugs and draw blood. That's probably the line they will use for the new pain killer.

So, off to buy a new phone and then go to the hospital.


blogauthor said...

As soon as you buy one is when you'll find it.

Continued good thoughts to your sister!

dykewife said...

tell her:

in my life i've had 5 abdominal surgeries. in each one the most important thing i did for myself was to get up and get moving. yes, it's uncomfortable, but the only way to keep the muscles from becoming weak and making moving even harder is to get off her ass and walk. walking also reduces the possibility of complications such as pneumonia, bed sores, constipation (which is a major issue with abdominal surgeries) and gas retention. moving helps everything move.

Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Keep her moving. So very important. I misplaced my phone when my brother had his stem cell transplant. Found it hanging on the hook in the stall in the ladies room right where I put it so I would not lose it LOL. Funny, back in the day I would have never imagined a phone I could carry with me, right in my pocket. Now I cannot live without it.

Healing vibes to your sister. Blessings & strength for you & the rest of her family. Keep positive. Keep her positive. Healing is on the way!!

Blessed be...

Ravn... said...

Lots of love for u
and ur sister..


Mrs4444 said...

Glad you found it!! ;)