Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surgery Update

It went very well. The surgeon was able to remove the stoma and reconnect her colon with her intestines. He also fixed her very large hernia which she referred to as her third boob; he removed lots of scar tissue. Surgeon said it was his hope that this would be the last surgery she would need. She's wearing a truss to make sure that everything stays in place.

It took about 4.5 hours. We finally got to see her at about 3:30 today. She was coherent and actually funny. It's obvious the hospital recognizes that they need to get this right this time. She's in an isolation room because she tested positive for some Super Bug so she can't mingle.

By the time we left tonight she had sat on the edge of the bed and dangled her feet. We all applauded. She has a low grade fever but apparently that is to be expected right after surgery. It was already going down when we left.

Tomorrow she sits in a chair and takes a few steps. It was such a relief to see how lucid she was by the time we got to her room.

I'm so glad we took lots of egg salad sandwiches and fruit to the hospital today. I just couldn't eat the cafeteria food. I've had a bit of dinner and two glasses of wine; I'm ready to sleep through the night.

Once again your prayers, energy, good thoughts and Reiki are working. Please keep them coming. She could still leak. I'll have more tomorrow night.


Creamy Silver said...

Fantastic news! Sending many healing thoughts her way.

Does she know you are updating us? I want her to know how happy we are for her.

blogauthor said...

SO glad to hear it has gone well so far. Being so up and alert shortly after is such a great sign. I'll be watching this space for more updates. Or you know how to find me otherwise - and tell her we all send our love from the genteel, reasonably-temperatured south. :)

Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Praise be to Great Spirit!! I am sending more healing vibes & blessing to each of you. Remember, when you place your hands upon her healing energy will flow through.

Thanks for updating us.

Blessed be...