Monday, April 14, 2008

She's Going To Acute Care On Income Tax Day

Vicky is scheduled to go back to the acute care facility tomorrow about noon. She has met all the criteria; the draining of the ugly stuff really helped. Her white cell count is normal. Yippee.

She was lucid when I got there about 12:30 today; but it was pretty much down hill after that. When she gets tired so do the synapses in her brain. She got especially angry at Neil and threw him out about 5 so we left and went home and had dinner at a reasonable hour.

I made something I hadn't made in ages. I dipped the chicken parts in raw egg and then rolled them in Panko which is a Japanese bread crumb. Bake it plus yams and then added a sauce made up of apricot jam and Dijon mustard warmed on the stove. Add coleslaw and it was a pretty decent dinner.

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Rhonda said...

more good news...

oh yummy chicken!
you are good.