Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here's My Appliqued Cow

I still have to add one more border to get the piece to it's final size of 20 x 30 inches. Don't know yet what the fabric will be but I'm thinking some kind of checkerboard pattern. I haven't named him yet. Any ideas? He was a lot of fun to make. So it's a good sewing day in my neighborhood.

Tomorrow we are driving to San Luis Obispo, which is about 5-1/2 hours down the coast. Kerry's Porsche club is having it's annual North Meets South gathering. There will be lots of folks from both ends of the state driving old 356 Porsche. We are taking the Prius. Kerry's Porsche isn't quite ready for the open road and it's definitely not ready for a long drive. The people who belong to this club are a lot of fun.

I've identified some quilt shops in the area that I definitely want to visit.

More on the mother of the groom outfit; I think I've found a dressmaker who may be able to do it. I ordered the pattern so when it gets here I'm going to meet with her. The samples of her work on her web site are stunning. Check out her site at
She works from patterns or she will design a one-of-a-kind outfit.

We get back from San Luis Obispo on Sunday night. Then it's only one more week until quilt camp. Yippee!


dykewife said...

the picture isn't showing up :(

blogauthor said...

An applique cow ... I would have sworn a year ago I would not have known and held dear a person who appliqued cows. Shows to go ya!

And I think this outfit would be PERFECT:

Seriously .... that is some awesome stuff! I would never have thought of doing a custom dress for something but I bet its not that much more expensive and would look 100 times better.

Rhonda said...

I've an idea;
Calvin the Cow.
I like that. But more importantly do you like it? Does Calvin fit his cowness?

I really like the website of this dress maker. Very clever to go with a dress that's especially for you.

dykewife said...

go to eclectiquilts and look in her portfolio. zowie!