Monday, April 21, 2008

Some Thoughts On Vicky And The Wedding

I've been posting about Vicky for so long that I've forgotten how to say anything about the rest of my life.

First Vicky; she moved to her own room at the acute care facility after she had gone through four days of assessment by the medical staff. That's a big step. This week Neil will meet with the staff to go over the treatment program they have developed for her. That probably won't happen until Thursday. I asked Neil to take notes so he could tell me everything. Maybe they will even have a copy of the program for him.

But now, back to me. I've been thinking a lot about what I'm going to wear to Mark and Julia's wedding. I hate trying on clothes; it's not fun when you are not a perfect size anything.
So I finally decided to look at some patterns to see if I could find anything that would work for me and my body. This is from the Vogue pattern book. I sent the photo to Julia and her mom. So far I've gotten a thumbs up from Julia.
I'm thinking about a celery green for the pants and then something with celery green and white for the top. I like the sort of see-through part of the top. I will probably do the pants in a crepe. The pattern says the blouse is an organza.
Now I just have to find a dressmaker. Luckily I have time to interview a few and get references. So what do you all think? It will also work for the two nights on the Christmas cruise where we have to dress up. I'm also thinking of a celery-colored shawl that I could do some bead work on to dress it up a bit. I don't know why I'm so hooked on celery at the moment. I hate it as a vegetable and will do anything to avoid it; don't serve me Waldorf salad!


Minna said...

Love the outfit Kathy. You'll look great in it. I'm also really into green right now too.

dykewife said...

i think that's a gorgeous pattern. i like the sheer overtop. do take pictures to show us how it ends up.

Randi said...

You probably are going to have to go to Britex to get the fabric. Local fabric stores are not likely going to have the show-stopping style you want.

I'd suggest having the dressmaker do a sample top out of cheap fabric first. It looks simple to make (and thus should be inexpensive) but the way it falls may not be to your liking.

And I love celery - the color and the veggie!

Rhonda said...

I hate trying stuff on too.

This outfit looks wonderful.
That green color is so in.
It'll be great!

Creamy Silver said...

I love waldorf salad and I love the outfit!

blogauthor said...

FAB outfit - I approve fully. :)