Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lump Is Nothing To Worry About

As far as I know the lump on her liver is nothing; at least that's what the ultrasound people told Neil. Her temperature is coming down and so is her heart rate. Her heart rate is still pretty scary to me.

Kerry and I fly to Minneapolis tomorrow for a week long visit that includes her birthday on Saturday, April 12. She will be 59. There were a few days in the past month when I didn't think she would see 59.

She is still in the Methodist Hospital ICU; no date to take her back to acute care.

Found out from my brother that the acute care facility used to be the Glenwood Hills Psychiatric Hospital. Our mother spent a fair number of days there; her demons would overcome her and my brother and sister would have her committed until they could find our father who was always away on business trips when these demons arrived in her head. I was busy living my life in various places; all of them outside of Minnesota so never visited Glenwood Hills.

Richard says the place has been fixed up a lot; the one part they didn't change he said is a beautiful room off a garden and lake. That was the last place he saw our mother alive. She killed herself the day after she got out of Glenwood Hills the last time. That was 33 years ago.

The heart quilt I made is her birthday gift. I'm hoping we can hang it on the wall of the ICU and then the acute care facility.


dykewife said...

the wall? lay it on her. let your heart help keep her warm and allow here a tangible reminder she can hold onto of her sister who loves her very much.

Creamy Silver said...

What a beautiful birthday gift. I know it will help brighten every day she's there.

Have you thought of a card shower? Maybe you have. Depending on how you feel about sharing her address, maybe we could all send a card to her, for her birthday or just because.

blogauthor said...

Continued good thoughts for Vicky and your quilt is beautiful