Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lots Of Projects Underway

I have not left the property since last Friday. This is an all time record for me. I'm very proud of this record. I needed some down time.

I'm going to have to leave today; I'm meeting some women friends for a drink. We call ourselves WOW...Women of Wine. It's a pretty casual group; we meet at a local Italian restaurant, drink wine and talk.

Most of my time at home has been spent working on various fabric projects. My design wall has lots of stuff on it. The blocks on the left are for the Block of the Month group at one quilt shop. The blocks on the right are for the Block of the Month for another quilt shop. And the applique blocks in the middle are another Block of the Month group. Block of the month is an easy and inexpensive way to get enough blocks for a quilt. These blocks will end up making three different quilts. The group of blocks on the right is closest to finishing.

I'm really enjoying doing the applique blocks. It's like painting a picture using pieces of fabric. Plus I'm finding all kinds of ways to embellish the applique. Our applique teacher is a purist so frowns on embellishments; nobody really listens to this, because everyone is having so much fun finding things to add to each block.

The lime green fabric lying on my desk with the two long white legs is a wall hanging I'm making. It's a wild and weird looking cow on green fabric. The background has three kinds of green fabric including one that has the logo for John Deere tractors (found that in Minnesota, naturally). It's primarily applique. I'll take a picture when it's done.

So, time to go create and work on the body of the cow. Life is great and Vicky is doing very well. They are talking about removing the trach. When it comes out, they bandage the hole and let it heal from the inside out. Then she can start eating real food and have that awful nose tube removed. She has not eaten since Feb. 6th; her weight is down nearly 40 pounds. That's an awful way to lose weight.
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dykewife said...

i'm glad your sister is doing so well. things are definitely looking up for her.

i love your blocks. someday, when i have time, perhaps we could do an exchange of projects...i'll knit a sweater with mittens, toque and mittens and you can make me a quilt? or something like that. exchanging is always a good thing.

Rhonda said...

I like your cow quilt idea. But then I am partial to cows. :)

So happy to hear you are going out tonight with friends...
relax and enjoy.

Someday we will do the same...