Monday, April 14, 2008

Great News

Less than 24 hours after the removal of all that puss and blood that had accumulated around her spleen, her white cell count was down to 12,000 from 25,000. The doctor said that the antibiotics couldn't get to the source of the infection. They are still doing a culture to make sure she is on the right antibiotic but it's pretty clear to me that they found the source of it all. If her temperature stays normal, she doesn't require any blood pressure medication and she continues to do well off the vent, then she can go to Regency this week. I don't think it will happen while we are here but it will happen sooner rather than later.

She was very tired yesterday. They did have her in a chair for two hours in the morning but then her butt started to hurt so they put her back to bed. She was a lot more lucid than she had been Saturday night. Even commented on the color of my blouse; she said it was a good color for me.

I'm going back to the fabric outlet we visited last week. They have some amazing prices on dupione silk so I'm going to buy some. That's my reward for all the hours in the hospital. I think it was good for Neil to have stayed home yesterday. He's at work right now, Vicky is having dialysis and Kerry is asleep. The coffee is ready so I'm off to get something warm for my tummy. Again, thank you; your prayers, positive energy and good thoughts mean a lot to the family.

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