Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tagged By Dykewife

I'm supposed to list eight things about myself; here goes.

  1. I was born and raised in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN in an extremely dysfunctional family.
  2. I'm the oldest in my family. My sister is four years younger (she's a trainer for the Federal Reserve in Minneapolis) and my brother (he's general counsel for the largest maker of mozarella cheese in the world) is 11 years younger. He lives in Evergreen, CO
  3. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in jouralism; my first job was writing for Feedstuffs and Feedlot.
  4. I lived and worked in Europe as a reporter for three years; the publication I worked for was sort of the National Enquirer for the U.S. military. I've been thrown off a lot of U.S. bases in Europe. That's where I learned to swear.
  5. I married my husband twice; I'm a slow learner. I divorced him in 1994 and have never looked back.
  6. My son is 32 and the light of my life; he plays trumpet with the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra and this summer with the Santa Fe Opera Company.
  7. I spent many years in corporate America until I started my own business in 1995. The motto for my business: "Developing community, environmental and political support for your business goals." My son supplied the short version: I suck up for a living. Being your own boss is a very heady experience.
  8. I'm retired and loving it

Dykewife took all the bloggers I would have tagged so if you read this and want to join in, be my guest.


Rhonda said...

Wish we could sit over tea and swap dysfunctional stories.
I think I could learn a lot from you.

Peace my friend.

Randi said...

You forgot to mention that you live in the fastest-growing community in the country!

Rhea said...

Cool about your son-musician. Retired? Are you a baby boomer? Wanna swap links?