Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Heat Is Just Plain Awful

It's 109 degrees F. here right now on our front porch. July is always the worst month for heat; it's certainly starting out with a bang. It's supposed to be 100+ for the next ten days. Needless to say, our air conditioning is on. I can just hear the meter going "kaching, kaching" as the electric utility makes big bucks off those of us who have air. Mind you, I'm thankful to have air. Last July our electric bill for July was $600.

The heat just sucks the energy out of me. It hasn't done a thing to the cats. They sleep, eat, poop and pee, and play regardless of the temperature.

We are now into twice a day watering. The birds don't sing when it's this hot. I can hardly wait for the sun to go down. I don't like the fact that I want the day to end. Each day should be treasured and enjoyed but 109 just doesn't help. In fact I'd like the whole month of July to go away right now.

Not too much happening here. We had ten straight days of house guests. My son and his girlfriend left on Wednesday morning. Kerry and I went back to bed after we got home from the airport; we slept for three hours. Then we napped later in the day. I think I'm finally caught up; I woke up at 5 a.m. today and never went back to sleep.

Well, this is a pretty boring post but that's all I have to say at the moment.


dykewife said...

please keep those positive energies and such coming...the place we looked at has central air with all utilities included in the rent! i really want the place!

Rhonda said...

109 degrees is inconceivable!
Hang in there...

Doug said...

hate to tell you I turned the heat on last night in the camper. AH Anchorage AK turtle doug and ms Kate