Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Surprise Visit

My son Mark and his climbing friend and fellow musician James (he has a bumper sticker that says "opera, the other live music") arrived Wednesday morning about 1 a.m. They had been climbing in the eastern Sierra down near Bishop, CA when Mark got sick. Climbing at 14,000 feet takes a lot out of one even when you are healthy. He asked if they could come here. It was perfect because July 18th is his birthday. Those of you with grown children know how rare it is to get to spend a birthday with your offspring. I made a donation to Oxfamamerica in his name. The donation was at the cow level.

James, he plays the clarinet, left the next morning to go visit his grandmother and parents in Santa Cruz, CA and then to head for Seattle where he and Mark will rendezvous this Sunday for a trek through the northern Cascades. Mark flew home to recuperate and to play in the Santa Fe Opera production of La Boheme this weekend. I also think he wanted to see his girlfriend Robin on his birthday.

The day after the opera performance he flies to Seattle to meet James. They will get some help from Kerry's sister Joanne who lives near where they want to climb. They want to leave a car at one end of the trail head and then get dropped at the other end, or something like that. Joanne will help with that. They also will probably spend a night with Kerry's other sister Susan and her husband Gary.

Tonight is my Knit Wits group. We meet once a month at someones home to knit, laugh, nibble goodies and have a glass of wine. So that's it for now.

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