Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Good To Be A Cat At Our House

They pretty much have the run of the house now. At first they weren't too sure about leaving the confines of my office. We opened the door, they sniffed the tile floor that connects my office to the rest of the house, moved forward a few steps and then raced back to their cat condo.

Georgio, lying on Nora' back legs, is much more of an adventurer; he's also the noisemaker of the bunch, which is why in the middle of the night last night they got closed in my office.

I got up from a nap and found them in the sitting room curled up like this. They look so sweet.

This morning Georgio was trying to hurl a hairball while Nora was lying on top of him trying to give him a bath. Not sure if the hairball ever came up but Nora did not stop doing what she loves to do to Georgio.

Haven't done much today except feel a great sense of relief, read and nap. It's 100 outside right now so I'm definitely not going there any time soon. I'm feeling a bit bored, which is certainly better than what I felt yesterday at this time...scared. I'll take bored over scared any day of the week.

So that's all for now folks; just taking it easy and enjoying life.
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dykewife said...

cute kitties :)

You have been tagged.

Rhonda said...

ooooh that is a great picture!

When the weather is hot it's almost like getting cabin fever.