Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Critter Update And A Thunderstorm

We woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and raindrops. For many of you that's a normal experience in July. In California it never rains in the summer. We didn't get a lot of it but it's sure cooler outside and the air is a bit cleaner.

Nora and Georgio are doing very well (she's eating and he's drinking in the photo). We've even caught them eating at the same time from the same dish. She is still the alpha cat; Georgio doesn't seem to mind. She loves to clean him. But each cleaning is punctuated with her opening her mouth as wide as she can and then biting him. He just lays there know that this is part of the cleaning process. I've seen him groom her a few times but it's pretty rare.

This morning they were both in the coveted top part of the cat condo. He was in back and she was in front. I suspect he was there first, she jumped up and he moved back to accommodate her. I went to pet her, she backed up and he fell out of the back. We moved them into my office to give them more space and human company plus they can watch the bird feeders.

Kerry is still working with his organization consultant so he has kept the door to his office closed; they don't like that. Georgio will sit and howl outside the door; he's really a talker. She purrs and he talks. I've never heard him purr.

I've been on pins and needles for the last two weeks what with Tent Pegs (aka A Girl and her Laptop) being critically ill with sepsis, Dykewife waiting to find out if her family got the housing they want and Creamy Silver waiting to find out if she is pregnant after her insemination. The universe is a bit out of balance right now. Tent Pegs (aka Amanda) really worries me. This morning the news was not good. She had a very tough night and is not doing very well. She's a quadriplegic which complicates everything. Right now she's in a coma, on dialysis and getting a ton of drugs and breathing treatments to pull her through this. She made it through the sepsis treatment and her lab work has been improving but still she is critically ill. Her family posts to her blog almost every day. I check that blog first thing in the morning. I'm afraid there will be bad news but I can't not read it.

So if anyone has any extra energy lying around, Tent Pegs, Dykewife and Creamy Silver could sure use some. I'm sending what I have.
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Rhonda said...

My heart goes out to all of them.
I keep checking Dykewifes blog to see....
keeping my fingers crossed for her.

your kitties are sweet.
I'm allergic to them. :(

dykewife said...

you're such a generous person :) i'm glad the kitties are settling into their new domain and have agreed to allow you to be their humans. :)

Creamy Silver said...

Your heart is as big as the sky. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and positive energy.

The kitties are beautiful.