Friday, July 06, 2007

The Power Is Out And It's 102 Degrees

I got home from a meeting, pushed the garage door opener button in my car and nothing happened. I pushed several more times; nothing happened. I cursed the spider that I thought had built a nest somewhere in the recesses of the opener. So I parked in the driveway, walked to the house, opened the door and was met by very still air that was at that point 85 degrees.

It's amazing what you can't do when there is no power. We live in the country so our well couldn't pump; that means no flushing of toilets (if it's brown flush it down; if it's yellow let it mellow), no using of faucets and gathering bottled water from the garage.

I get very claustrophobic when it's warm and the air isn't moving. I tried to read but kept feeling like the room was closing in. Kerry came home fairly soon and we devised a plan. Our utility said the power would be back on by 8:30 p.m. I would never last that long so we headed out for dinner. Chili's was packed to the gills with refugees from the outage. We ate at the bar; but still it was only 7 :30 p.m. The sun wouldn't go down for an hour. We talked about going to the Galleria and walking around. We both hate the Galleria so that didn't seem like a good idea. I called our friend Jan; she had power so we headed over there. It was heaven to just veg out with a friend who had power. Thank you Jan.

We finally headed for home about 9:30. As we drove up our street we noted some lights in other houses and hoped we were on the same circuit. As luck would have it, we were. I'm typing this now because we have power. Thank goodness. I could handle a power failure in the winter much better than in the summer.

Turns out there was a grass fire which burned something electrical. There were 6,000 customers out of power. So I'm back and very happy to be here.

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Rhonda said...

oh that's terrible!
So nice of your friend to let you hang...

but most importantly it's back on and that's a good thing!!!